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Meteor Choice Music Prize 10th Anniversary – Gig Review

Neil Hannon - Divine Comedy

Meteor Choice Music Prize celebrated its 10th anniversary last night with a variety of old friends turning up to perform including We Cut Corners , Adrian Crowley, Riptide Movement, Delorentos, Julie Feeney, The Divine Comedy and Jape. With that many artists performing on the night, the sets were obviously very short, with Jape and the Divine comedy just performing two songs each! It felt a bit cruel, but hard to complain when the price of admission was just €15. The evening was a showcase and the gaps between bands were pretty short as they moved between the two stages available, with Paul McLoone acting as MC on the evening.

Julie Feeney performed with a fascinator perched on the side of her head. She always looks amazing and tonight was no exception. She performed along with solo piano and even ventured into the crowd to meet the masses. Her finest moment was the sing along version of ‘Impossibly Beautiful’.

Neil Hannon was next up on the piano and he performed Tonight We Fly and the crowd pleaser National Express. He was in typical self deprecating form and told us he was available for birthday parties, weddings and bar mitzvahs! He says he is still chuffed about his Choice Award win, which paid for his kitchen. Neil has disappeared from the public eye for the last couple of years but has recently started to reappear, so hopefully there is something new on the horizon.

Jape was the last artist on the evening and performed with the unusual arrangement of twin drum kits along with playing bass himself. It was a sadly short set, but his 12 inch version of ‘I Was A Man’ sent the crowd home happy. A night to remember that there is a lot of talent on this little island. The Meteor Choice Music Prize is to be congratulated for not making the obvious choices and having a number of really good albums in its previous winners list.



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