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Monochromie – Behind Black Clouds – Album Review

Behind Black Clouds

Monochromie – Behind Black Clouds – Album Review by Killian Laher

Monochromie is the recorded music project of French composer Wilson Trouvé, who deals in ambient, contemporary classical fare. This is serious music, the brooding melody of opening track Vertiges Part 1 sets a portentous tone, in the manner of Sigur Ros. Second track in, L’envolvée has a soaring, transcendent melody with some great piano playing, with Fade Away showing Trouvé’s piano playing ability off equally well. Distance is more of a complex soundscape in the manner of A Winged Victory for the Sullen. Clean, clear tracks like these exist cheek by jowl with glitchy tracks like We Are Not Afraid and Interlude where the melody is submerged in ambient static. This is taken to its logical conclusion on the wintry synths of the epic, ten minute electronica centrepiece Heart Beat.

There are sublime touches all over this album including the swirling keyboards of Hawks and the symphonic Polyhymnia. Strangely, the final few tracks don’t quite work: Noise is just that – a slab of screeching static with little or no conventional melody. Similarly, Ethereal Lights is a little too busy, an overabundance of clashing instrumentation will leave some listeners scratching their heads… and ears. But there is plenty here for the discerning listener to get their teeth into. Though the plight of the ambient, contemporary classical composer is to fight it out in a crowded arena, Wilson Trouvé does enough to stand out.

Find out more about Monochromie here.

1. Vertiges Part 1
2. L’envolvée
3. We Are Not Afraid (Sometimes a Rainbow)
4. Fade Away
5. Distance
6. Interlude
7. Heart Beat
8. Hawks (Happiness Version)
9. Polyhymnia
10. The Lost Victory
11. Noise
12. Ethereal Lights
13. Vertiges Part 2


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