Mary Mary Mary – Smock Alley – Review


Mary Mary Mary at Smock Alley – Review by Frank L.

Directed by the author and Kate Murray, Mary Mary Mary depicts the lives of three generations of women from some rural hinterland with a rapidly altering series of glimpses into their fears, hopes, prejudices and secret desires.  The Fregoli Theatre Company is the producer and it “takes its name from the Italian actor Leopoldo Fregoli (1867- 1936) and an element of his rapid character changing style can be seen in all [their] productions.” Mary Mary Mary from the moment the lights go up certainly fits this description. The three actors are at the beginning each behind a clothes line with a white towel hanging in front of each of them. Each has the name “Mary” as part of their name. With machine gun pace, they give you snippets of information about themselves. They are each very different. They use the towels to create all sorts of relevant effects to illuminate the text. The only other props they utilise are three fold-up chairs. From these slim pickings, they create a vast number of “happenings” as parts of their lives touch, bond and sometimes clash with each other in the chaos of everyday life.

The actors Mary Ellen (Tracy Bruen), Mary Bernadette (Eimear Kilmartin) affectionately called “Bernie” and Mary Jacqueline (Eilish McCarthy) sometimes called “MJ” combine to give a gripping performance. They perform like a perfectly oil machined- impressive ensemble acting. They are always in complete control of their material.  This Fregoli theatre company production is executed with consummate skill and charm. This is professional work of a high standard. Enjoy!

Wednesday March 18th @ 8pm & Thursday 19th @ 1pm & 8pm in The Boys’ School @ Smock Alley

Written by Maria Tivnan
Directed by Kate Murray and Maria Tivnan
Cast: Tracy Bruen, Eimear Kilmartin, Eilish McCarthy

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