Music town & 12 Points Festival – Free Gig – Alarmist-OKO-Redivider


A fabulous free gig on a Friday! Get clicking below, as these tickets won’t last long. It’s all to help advertise Music Town and the 12 Points Festival, so get them while you can. Just click on the link below.

Music town & 12 Points Festival – present – Alarmist-OKO-Redivider
6pm, Friday 17th April
Smock Alley Theatre

FREE but ticketed https://entertainment.ticketsolve.com/shows/873529709/events

Debut performance by this genre stomping super-group of 3 critically acclaimed Irish 12 Points alumni; Alarmist, OKO & ReDivideR, coming together to create something special just for MusicTown. Aligned somewhere between free improv, electronica, post/math-rock, jazz & contemporary classical music, these 13 musicians have formed an innovative & exciting large ensemble, filling a void in the Irish music scene for such a cohort of genre splicing musicians intent on creating new original material. An exciting collaboration embodying all that is fresh, urban & progressive in Irish music making.


ALARMIST (12 Points 2014)
“Alarmist’s music spins and pivots in motion and colour.” – nialler9.com
Multi instrumentalists Neil Crowley, Elis Czerniak, Osgar Dukes and Barry O’Halpin take a quasi orchestral approach that allows their music to hover in its own instrumental space, gravitationally pulled toward a rock aesthetic but constantly implying other philosophies. Alarmist have just released a single ‘Morning, Kepler’, with excellent reviews and feedback already pouring in.

“Merging parts of post-rock expansion, lush production and jazz tinged musicianship Alarmist’s sound confidently moves through the frantic array of harmony, melody and percussion to result in a single that feels grand in scale and focused in intent.” – The Last MixedTape
OKO (12 Points 2013)
Industrious Dublin guitarist Shane Latimer leads this gutsy, typically eclectic quartet that runs the gamut from delicately sculpted electro acoustic shapes to gritty streetwise funk. Drummer Shane O’Donovan provides the pulse, Darragh O’Kelly brings the splashes of dark keyboard colour, and Djackulate is the free agent with the turntables. Their debut album ‘I Love You Computer Mountain’ displayed shades of old-school jazz-rock, along with electronics, ambient and krautrock, yet managed to reconfigure these influences into their own unique style.

“Mixing spacey abstraction with mesmeric grooves, and instrumental technique with underground cool, OKO’s music points towards a future where no one cares what it’s called. Bring it on.” – The Irish Times
REDIVIDER (12 Points 2011)
This two-horns-no-chords quartet was established by drummer Matthew Jacobson in 2007, alongside improv and rhythmic specialists Derek Whyte (bass) and Nick Roth (alto sax) and trombonist Colm O’Hara. ReDiviDeR have released two albums on the Diatribe label, with influences including Charles Mingus, Jim Black, Deerhoof and Tim Berne. Its a palindromic setting of downtown grooves with catchy riffs and collective improvs. Recently ReDivideR have made a name for themselves for exciting collaborations with the likes of Kit Downes and Alfie Ryner.

“a striking musical collage… recommended for those generally disposed to imaginative, genre-bending music” – All About Jazz.

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