The Hole – Powerscourt Theatre – Review

The Hole

The Hole written by John Sheehy – Review by Frank L.

Bewleys Café Theatre is to be congratulated in finding a suitable nearby location in the Powerscourt Centre while its Grafton Street facility undergoes a revamp. However the Powerscourt theatre is more formal and notwithstanding the use of café tables, chairs and the serving of soup the space is larger and more traditional in layout than its Grafton St. cousin. It is not an intimate space.

The Hole is written for a single actor (Bren Barnett).  He is a middle aged man, single, who once farmed but after the death of his father, he sold the farm, and lives without display on the proceeds. He keeps himself to himself and has little to no contact with his neighbours whom he treats with contempt. He has a dog which dislikes one of the neighbours particularly. His life is plodding unremarkably forward. But nothing is forever and the nearest house to him is sold and husband, wife and child move in. His life is altered by their arrival.

The stage is bare of any props other than the back wall which has three large sheets upon which a vortex is painted with concentric rings. It dominates the stage.

The farmer does not have a name nor does the programme credit him with one. That reinforces his alienation and distance from the world. He detests his neighbours but he does develop the outline of a relationship with the new neighbours of a reserved and undemonstrative type. Events happen which draw them nearer to each other to an extent. As a result he becomes involved with the neighbour in digging a vast hole on his neighbour’s land. This hole becomes his raison d’etre. However within its towering depths he remains alone.

The Hole – February 16 – March 07, 2015
Time: 1pm (doors at 12.50pm)

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