Paper Souls – Movie Review


Paper Souls – Review by Frank L.

Directed by Vincent Lannoo

Writer: François Uzan (screenplay)
Stars: Stéphane Guillon, Julie Gayet, Jonathan Zaccaï

The film begins with a widow giving a splendid graveside oration which is definitely outside the box. It had been written by Paul (Stephane Guillon) who was a successful novelist but the death of his wife has resulted in writer’s block so he now occupies his time in the unusual career of writing funeral orations. He is approached by an attractive widow Emma (Julie Gayet), whose photographer husband disappeared in the depths of Africa a year previously, who wishes him to write an oration for her “dead” husband which she believes will help their son on his eighth birthday to remember his father.

The inevitable happens as there is a spark between Paul and Emma. So far so good but then there are far more unusual happenings than a romance between a good looking widow and a handsome widower. The story moves increasingly into make believe which requires the suspension of all rational thought in order to follow the bizarre plot. Its bizarreness goes beyond the point where attention is maintained.

Set in Paris there is of course glorious shots of the Seine to help to keep the plot in some way connected to the world of reality. But sadly that is not enough. It is only ninety minutes in length which is a saving grace.


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