Grace and Maggie – Collaborations Festival – Smock Alley – Review


Grace and Maggie – Smock Alley Main Space – Collaborations Festival – Review

This is the story of a young gay couple living together in Dublin. They have just moved in together and we are greeted with a room filled with boxes, as they start the process of making a home together. They are having the usual problems of trying to decorate their apartment and argue about paintings and cushions, but seem very much in love.

Their relationship is somewhat fraught at the moment. They have just meet each other’s parents and are dealing with the prejudice and intolerance of the older generation. They are both worried about how their parents will react and are desperate to make a good impression.

This is a new and ambitious play by writer and lead actor Therese Prendiville. The story shows the complexity of trying to form a connection with another person while society frowns upon it. This was originally performed as part of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival and has been extended into a full production for the Collaborations festival. At a time when Ireland is facing into the debate on Marriage Equality this is an extremely relevant piece of theatre that opens the discussion into the discrimination that you gay people face.

Sat 21st Feb @ 2pm & Sun 22nd Feb @ 6.30pm in The Main Space – Collaborations 2015

Grace/ Writer – Therese Prendiville
Maggie – Jessie Doyle
David Grand – Donal
Carol O’Reilly – Lisa
Eoin Mannion – Daniel

Directed by Sarah Bradley

Collaborations Festival runs until March 7th at Smock Alley.

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