Interview with Lisa Lambe


We had the chance to interview Lisa Lambe, star of Breaking Dad currently running at the Gaiety Theatre about her music and theatre career. You can find the results below!

Lisa’s album Heaven was released 22 January. She plays Whelan’s on the 4th of March, full tour dates listed below.

Breaking Dad runs until Feb 28th at the Gaiety Theatre.


Why did you go to Nashville to record your new album?

I fell in love with Nashville about 4 years ago and I knew when this album started to take shape, when I started to write songs and choose material that it was the perfect place to record. I also wanted to have that Nashville sound on the tracks even if in a subtle way. I met and worked with really talented Nashville musicians who were a dream to work with.

I’ve heard it said that there’s a magic there, did you feel it?

Yes there really is, it’s a great artistic hub, lovely people, great food/restaurants, music and atmosphere.

Where did your love of country music come from?

I have always loved Dolly Parton, Shelby Lynne, Allison Krauss, Lucinda Williams for many years. I’ve always been drawn to that country sound and have listened to all their music and many others. I love the instruments that make an album sound bluegrass or country. It just appeals to me!

What is the difference between a theatre audience and a music audience?

I think there are a lot of similarities. I guess the main thing is that you are being yourself in a music performance – baring a different side of yourself and you are interacting with them as yourself not as a character. The reaction can be different in that a theatre audience know a scene is over but I guess the songs are like mini scenes and each one brings a different reaction from your audience.

What was it like to work on something as mad as Breaking Dad?

Breaking Dad has been one of the best theatre experiences. A true highlight. Again the audience play a huge role every night.With comedy, the audience play a huge part in the pace of the show. It’s really thrill every night to play Sorcha – Ross’ wife. The writing by Paul Howard is just amazing. It is exciting to bring the words to life with these really heightened characters.

It must feel like a family on stage, it’s been going for so long?

It really does. The actors are really amazing gifted performers. It’s great to share the stage every night – we have so much fun. We laugh a lot, especially in rehearsals.

And was it a surprise to have a teenage daughter in this production?

It’s been brilliant. Paul always comes up with such twists and interesting plot lines. The play is set in 2022 and Sorcha has her eyes set on the presidency. Honor is 17 now in this story and the relationship between herself and Sorcha really is comedy gold.

What was your first love, music or theatre?

I think both mean everything to me . I’ve been doing both since I was 3 years old. It’s always really hard to choose one over the other mainly because I think they both balance me and one defiantly informs the other. With my album which is an acoustic mellow stripped back project, my theatre background always informs what I do, no matter how honest and pure the final result is when you are singing as yourself. They are both good for the soul.


Lisa Lambe  – Tour Dates

Monday 2 March – Mick Lally Theatre, Galway

Wednesday 4 March – Whelan’s, Dublin

Thursday 26 March – Coughlan’s Live, Cork



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