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Interpol – Olympia Theatre – Concert Review


Concert Review: Interpol, Olympia Theatre, Dublin (Wed 11th February) – Review by Killian Laher

Interpol have reached a curious phase 15 years and 5 albums into their career. Recent albums have not quite charmed the critics as their earlier material did, and it seems that their moment in the sun passed some years ago, as they stand at an awkward crossroads narrowly avoiding the dreaded Greatest Hits circuit. The faithful, however, remain as loyal as ever to the sharp-dressed troupe.

Support acts can throw up the unexpected, but the appearance of HEALTH was not entirely welcome. A frantic set of electro/noise/pop/dance lurched from angst to self-parody as the band unleashed some old-fashioned rock star poses, ranging from hair-twirling to speaker-humping. The effect was truly appalling. Following this, Interpol wisely avoided delivering great swathes of last year’s underwhelming El Pintor album. Opening with the Strokes-evoking Say Hello To The Angels, they quickly followed up with a spirited version of PDA which very quickly warmed the crowd up. Songs like Everything Is Wrong and The New were played with ruthless efficiency, not a note out of place, though at times frontman Paul Banks’ robotic vocal were lost under Daniel Kessler’s blinding guitar work, which peaked early on Pioneer To The Falls.

The night sagged slightly midset with newer songs Breaker 1 and Rest My Chemistry but older material Evil and Stella Was A Diver had many in the crowd grooving delightedly. By the time the encore produced at least one bead of sweat from the band, the energy in the audience went stratospheric. Slow Hands was an almost Hi-NRG disco moment before they concluded with the soaring Untitled, a hands-in-the-air moment with a faraway glint in its eye. In recent years, Interpol have lost members who moved various solo projects. It’s to their credit that they avoided the easy option of breaking up, before reforming a few years later to pay for the rehab. Where they go from here is anybody’s guess, but no need to turn out the bright lights just yet.

Set List –

Say Hello to the Angels
My Blue Supreme
Everything Is Wrong
The New
My Desire
Pioneer to the Falls
Take You on a Cruise
Breaker 1
Rest My Chemistry
Not Even Jail
Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down
All the Rage Back Home
Slow Hands
Encore 2:

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