New Music – Roo Panes – Academy – 09-04-15


How does a man end up with a name like Roo, I hear you ask? Well, it’s Andrew to his parents. Roo plays a mean guitar and intends to do it at the Academy on April 9th of this year. You can see what you think below. Tickets are €13 and are on sale now!

Roo Panes – The Academy 2 | Thursday April 9th 2015 – Tickets –  €13 INCL. BOOKING FEE

Roo Panes will return to Dublin on April 9th to play a headline show at the Academy 2. Tickets €13, incl. booking fee go on sale Wednesday February 4th via Andrew “Roo” Panes is a young British songwriter with a guitar to his chest and a heart swelling with hopes and dreams. Dorset-born Panes has something special to offer those willing to wait a while for their favourite songs to settle into place. Panes gained a wide audience after participating in a campaign for Burberry. This included both recording music for Burberry Acoustic and modeling for the brand. He has also released three EPs: Once (2012), Weight of Your World (2012), and Land of the Living (2013).

Panes’ debut album, ‘Little Giant’, was released in October last year with the leading single Tiger Striped Sky being previously released in June. Little Giant is not an album that sets out to trick its audience in any way – what you hear is succinct, honest songwriting, from a place of deep personal expression, resonating with universal truths and values. It’s an embracing set, a welcoming one, which represents everything that its maker has worked towards since first picking up a guitar and exploring his innermost thoughts and feelings through Panes plays a 12-string acoustic guitar. Introspective lyrics and a band of string- players contribute to a genre of classical folk. Beside producer Rupert Coulson – a man with numerous soundtrack credits, as well as experience of working on records by Portishead and Oasis – Panes and his band captured the classic 12- string guitar sounds, rippling percussion and sweeping strings (including a mandolin, viola and cello) that decorate ‘Little Giant’ in the small music room of his family home. The female voice you hear on the album is Roo’s twin sister Deborah – who has previously shot press photos for Panes.



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