Mavericks – Bewley’s Cafe Theatre – Review


Mavericks by Rebecca Grimes and David Farrell

Bewley’s Cafe Theatre – January 26 – February 14, 2015
Time: 1pm (doors at 12.50pm)

Rebecca Grimes and David Fennelly enliven Bewleys Café Theatre with their revival of Mavericks which they introduced to the world in October at the Theatre Upstairs. They have slightly altered the opening to take advantage of the different configuration of the space. As they are out of work actors they have decided to write and perform their own work…not exactly an original idea but their panache and fine timing make their world of “brain storming” and” vignettes” a creative tour de force of mirth and sheer fun for those trying to eat their soup in the Café Theatre.

Grimes and Fennelly physically do not quite fit as a couple and the director Nick Lee plays on this awkwardness to create a comic disparity between them. They understand, in fact, each other immaculately and this gives their joint performance a fine sense of cohesion which enables them to extract comedy from the variety of situations which they choose to craft. One of the sequences is a dance pas de deux which bears no relevance to the rest of the piece so they nonchalantly decide to cut it. But it was great that they decided to perform it in some splendid detail before giving it the chop.

The set is minimal with three posters on the back wall and a yellow painted bench which they put to many different uses. They swing with elan through the nascent piece they are trying to fashion out of “brain storming” and “vignettes” while all along there is the dogged beat of being a couple of struggling actors with no money and in reality no work. The script itself and the skill of Grimes and Fennelly create a lunchtime comic nugget which it is a joy to experience.

Review by Frank L

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