Paul Gilgunn – Okamajigerí – Smock Alley

Okamajigeri-944x300-300dpi-02-copy This promises to be a fascinating night, as Paul Gilgunn performs his new work Okamajigerí in the Boys’ School in Smock Alley. The high walls and balconies of the Boys’ School should provide the perfect location for this ambient work. Sit back, chill out and explore the depth and texture of this new work this Saturday 31st Jan. Tickets are 10 euro.

Paul Gilgunn  – Okamajigerí is a new piece of music composed and performed by Paul Gilgunn. Paul’s recent work includes performances and collaborations with avant-garde luminaries Rhys Chatham (USA/France), Tony Conrad (USA), and Jennifer Walshe (Ireland/UK). This will be the debut performance of his latest work. Okamajigerí will combine amplified drone-overtone music, post-minimalist techniques, avant-rock, and arcane-hiberno sounds to generate an immersive and affective experience.

Paul Gilgunn – Okamajigerí – Saturday 31st January at 8pm in The Boys’ School – Tickets €10

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