Hamell on Trial – Workman’s Club – 17-02-15


A gig worthy of mention, with Hammel On Trial returning to our shores for a four date tour and in the Workman’s club on the 17-02-15. It is marking the 15th anniversary of his album Choochtown, which seems more than a bit random, but why argue, it’s a good album!

You can hear the self same album below, which is available on ‘name your price’ on bandcamp. Full details are below.

17 Feb | The Workmans Club, DUBLIN

To mark the 15th Anniversary of the release of Hamell on Trial’s seminal album Choochtown (or it could be 14 years, frankly everybody around here was too dusted to write any sh*t down….) Hamell will be performing the seminal Choochtown album in its entirety in select engagements throughout the UK and Ireland.

“I remember being highly influenced and excited by Pulp Fiction, Kurosawa’s Rashomon, and Biggie Small’s Life After Death”, recalls Hamell, “And being not particularly impressed by what the current vogue of ‘singer-songwriters’ were doing. I was on my own as far as not being on a label so what did I have to lose if I opened up an album with ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ ?”

Hamell will be peppering the performance with songs in a similar vein from his extensive catalog. Choochtown’s main character, Bobby, has appeared on several of Hamell’s albums. “Bobby is like a combination of a lot of my screw ball underworld friends. Lovable petty criminals in the Damon Runyon vein. It’s just the majority of the incidents I write about are true.”

Using his trademark high-energy stage show, whip-lash tongue and machine gun guitar, Hamell is excited to revisit what some consider to be his masterpiece and performing some songs never heard live before. Hamell quips: “You’ll be so dazzled you won’t even know I stole your wallet. Or your girlfriend.”

He plays 4 shows in Ireland in February:
17 Feb | The Workmans Club, DUBLIN
18 Feb | Coughlan’s, CORK
19 Feb | The Errigle Inn, BELFAST
20 Feb | Kasbah Social Club, LIMERICK



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