The Theatre Machine Turns you On 4 – Project Arts Centre – Preview

Theatre Machine 4-001

If you like your theatre polished within an inch of its life, look elsewhere. If you like things a bit raw and funky, then this could be for you! The Theatre Machine Turns You On 4 is a three day theatre and music festival that takes place in the Project Arts Centre between January 21st and 24th.

The Jam Sessions take the form of a series of short Theatre pieces, that will features –

Wednesday 21 January

Alan Howley and Jack Cawley – Umbrage – It would be nice if things were simpler, wouldn’t it?

Erica Murray, Oonagh O’Donovan & Heather Walsh –  Oh, What a Lovely Rose – A cheeky peek into The Rose of Tralee and how a changing Ireland needed a new type of beauty queen

Zoe Ní Riordáin – Recovery the Musical – We are in the process of making a show about the process of recovery

Red Bear Productions (Tracy Martin, Aoibheann McCann) – Harder Faster More – Two actors try to figure out ways of presenting and discussing hardcore porn on stage

Thursday 22 January

Pat McGrath – Always Going Home – Unable to go to Spain, a man tries to recreate the Camino de Santiago de Compostela by walking the equivalent distance between James St Church and the last remaining tower in Ballymun

Vickey Curtis – Finem Respice (Consider an End) – An exploration of grief and how death affects life

Tom Walsh – ELATED! – Stand-up routine about psychosis and vice versa

Emma Fitzgerald – My Heart Beats Backwards – Dark, heartfelt and humourous, set in a surreal version of Dublin, performed by Conor Donelan, written by Emma Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald & Stapleton Dance Theatre

Friday 23 January

Know.Flow.Dance Company – Warm Edges – Dance theatre with a warm touch; a story of urban loneliness, connection and possibilities between people

Martin Sharry – Marky Mac Sherry Tells It Like It Is – A show that plays with stand-up comedy in a theatre context

Conflicted Theatre and Eat My Noise – Neon Western – Neon Western is the story of an Irish anti-hero; a devised collaboration between the physical storytelling of Conflicted Theatre and the electro-acoustic style of Eat My Noise.

Claire and Darren – LOVE+ – What happens to romance when there is a machine that will cook for you, clean for you, never forget your birthday or how you like your tea, tell you you’re beautiful, hold you if you’re crying and still make you cum?

Saturday 24 January

LaughterSheWrote (Breda Larkin) – Breda’s Way – Breda’s pilgrimage of the towns of Ireland with only the Virgin Mary for company while exploring themes of comedy, sexuality, religion and gender (and possibly facial hair) through interactions with members of each community

Meadhbh Haicéid – Chaos or It Loves to Happen – A thirty-minute experiment in which everyone is invited to play

Áine O’Hara – The Birthday Party – Mary lived in a world where you just didn’t speak about anxiety, depression or the fact that you’d really like to have a birthday party

Ruairi O’Donovan – GHOSTS – A duet between Ruairi O’Donovan and Asaf Aharonson, trying to connect

Theatre Machine turns you on 4

Music Programme –

There is also a separate musical arm of the festival, which again features young and emerging talent. It is broken into four separate nights.

Electronic (Wednesday 21 January – €10), Punk (Thursday 22 January – €10), Trad (Friday 23 January – €10) and Sonic Whispers (Saturday 24 January – €10).

It’s very hard to make a play. The Irish are famous for the plays. There’s never any money. We’re all in bits. If we don’t “act” soon theatre is going to die. THEATREclub are here to save the day.


THEATREclub present the fourth edition of their festival of new work from new artists from 21-24th January in Project Arts Centre. Sixteen of Ireland’s most precocious and provocative artists put through an intensive, rigorous process of development and mentorship. This year’s shows are about robots taking over, Roses Of Tralee, Marian Apparitions and hardcore porn.

The audience look right into the mechanics of the theatre making machine; seeing 4 pieces a night, getting the chance to give the artists feedback, telling them what to do next. They get the chance to see what happens when the artists JAM and learn about how the hell they make those shows… let alone “learn all them lines.”

The emphasis is on showing ‘work in progress’ instead of full productions. The artists get a chance to take the seeds of ideas and start to make them a reality in a supportive collective environment.


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