Bewley’s Café Theatre – Press Release Regarding Refurbishment

Bewleys Cafe Theatre

Bewley’s Cafe Theatre is one of the most loved lunch time theatre locations in Dublin, and with news that Bewley’s undergoing a refurbishment, some worried for the fate of the theatre space. Fear not, good friends, as it has been confirmed that they will re-open in Autumn 2015, and are looking for another space to work in, while Bewley’s Cafe is closed. You can see the full details in their short press release below!

Press Release : Regarding the Refurbishment of Bewley’s Café

Bewley’s Café Theatre will re-open on the second floor in Autumn 2015, after the refurbishment of Bewley’s Café, Grafton Street. The Café Theatre is exploring alternative venues for the period of closure.

For the moment, it’s business as usual with WEIGHING IN by Ger Gallagher starting our year off with a great comic bang. Jan 5th – 24th, 2015. That will be followed by the romcom with a meta-twist MAVERICKS taking us up to Valentines Day. Jan 26th – Feb 14th, 2015.


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