High Heels in Low Places – Project Arts Centre – Review

High Heels in Low Places

High Heels in Low Places – Project Arts Centre – 01-06 December 2014 8.00pm

What was your political moment of the year? For some it would be the protests against the water charges, but for many more it would be a drag act standing on the stage of the Abbey telling people about oppression.

By any standard Panti has had quite a year. She had a short interview on the Brendan O’Connor show where she was pushed to name those she felt discriminated against gay people and all hell broke loose. This is the story of that interview and the weeks that followed where she moved from the status of loveable drag queen to ‘national fucking treasure’. That’s not the only story she tells in this act though, we also get to hear about the time she met Madonna, her first TV appearance and more.

Pantigate allowed Ireland to take a long look at itself and the sight was not pretty. It showed that discrimination was part of the daily experience for many members of society and that very little was being done to alter the situation. The most important thing about it was that it opened the discussion, allowing both sides of the argument to talk openly.

It is an almost bare stage with a small table in one corner. The back drop proudly proclaims Panti with a love heart to dot the ‘i’. When Panti arrives on stage, there is something of the tiger searching for prey. Get there early and sit central if you want to avoid her sharp tongue! Her stage act has always involved audience participation and quick wit and this show is no exception.

The performance is extremely funny but also has a lot of insight into the modern world and its various injustices. She may not see herself as a campaigner and the role of activist has been forced upon her, but she has become the voice of gay Ireland. I’d imagine her 2015 may be just as interesting as her 2014 was!

THISISPOPBABY and Panti – High Heels in Low Places

01 December 2014-06 December 2014 8.00pm
Tickets €22/18

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