Tic Tac – Theatre Upstairs – Review

Tic Tac Theatre Upstairs

Tic Tac written by Thomas Beatty

On a bare stage there are two rectangular stools, on one sits a man staring at the audience with a bandage on his head. His name is Twat. He is wearing blue scrubs. On the stage also is a younger man who wears green scrubs. His name is Twitch. There has been a car accident and a woman (unseen) had also been in the accident. Twat tries to remember what happened. He and Twitch have past history.

Tic Tac is a sparsely dressed play where the dialogue between the two actors is also of the sparse variety even if at times Twitch shouts in anger at Twat. The relationship between them is not good; there is little or no rapport between them as a result of the accident.

This is a low key piece of theatre without any obvious denouement. A simulated siren of an emergency service such as an ambulance or fire engine brings a touch of verisimilitude into the proceedings. However Gerard Byrne (Twat) and Emmett Byrne (Twitch) face a challenge in the need to create impetus in the dialogue. No easy task. A tricky piece of theatre.

Review by Frank L


Emmet Byrne as TWITCH

Gerard Byrne as TWAT

Director / Marnie McCleane-Fay

Production Design / Tony McCleane-Fay

Producer / Eilís Carey

Visual Design / Ste Murray
DATES: Tuesday, November 25th – Saturday, December 6th

1PM Performances:

Tuesday – Saturday
(Nov 25th – 29th / Dec 2nd – 6th)

7PM Performances:

Thursday – Saturday
(Nov 27th – 29th / Dec 4th – 6th)

Tickets: €10 / €8 (student concession)
Includes light lunch at 1PM performances.

Tic Tac

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