Rhubarb Crumble – Civic Theatre – Review


Rhubarb Crumble – Civic Theatre

Richard and his girlfriend Jo fell in love in college. They had a dream of creating beautiful theatre together, something that the critics would love but would also attract audiences. After their initial attempts proved less than successful, they ended up compromising their ideals. They formed a theatre company aimed at kids by the name of Rhubarb Crumble. This is the story of their shot at the big time, when they meet an American producer whose interest in the company may not be all it seems!

The five actors play a variety of parts ranging from the vermin that live under the stage to luvvies who aimed for greatness and ended up at the bottom of the barrel. Four shows a night and an endless tour around the school stages of Ireland is a cruel fate for anyone! It is an impressive showcase of the comedic talent, with a few faces you’ll recognise. There is a simple stage arrangement with just a few items of furniture. The scenes are set by a series of lighting changes, which work well.

Five actors appear on stage in any number of guises in this fast paced comedy. The piece is a series of linked comedy sketches, and never dwells in the one place for very long. The actors disappear into the wings and reappear in a variety of different costumes and characters. The piece aims to get in as many gags as possible. Not all the punches land perfectly, but there’s a good deal of sharp wit delivered with nonchalance.

Written and performed by Lisa Garvey ‘Callan’s Kicks’, Sharon Mannion ‘Trojan Donkey’, Danny Kehoe ‘Moone Boy’, Graeme Singleton ‘Damo & Ivor’ and Eoghan McLaughlin ‘Republic of Telly’

Wed 26 – Sat 29 November // 8:15pm
LOCATION: Loose End Studio
ADMISSION: €14 & €12 concession & €11 on opening night (Wed 26th Nov)

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