The Last Ride – Teacher’s Club – Dec 10th – 13th

The Last Ride

This is something of a departure for our regular book and TV reviewer Dan O’Neill, who is taking to the stage in early December. He is the bare chested Adonis in the image above and if you want to see more then I’d recommend you go to the Teacher’s Club from December 10th to 13th. Not to be missed!

The Last Ride Written by Shane Nestor, Mike Foott and Michael Harnett

‘For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul.’

The Last Ride is a dramedy set on a Dublin to Cork train on St. Stephen’s Day. On a whim, a retired doctor decides to take mulled wine to his daughter. In this last ride he struggles to keep his bearings as he comes to meet a wide variety of folk, some of his world and some not.

Venue: The Teachers’ Club, Dec 10th to 13th (Wed to Sat), 8pm.

Bookings: actupclasses@gmail.com or 087­795 1558.

Tickets: €12

Act Up! as a directive…

Act Up! was founded by Shane Nestor three years ago, to mine untapped talent and started as an acting class for the uninitiated. Recruitments were often made in watering holes in the early hours.

‘I would follow up with a text next morning: ‘Let me make you a star, that’s all I ask.’ says Shane, ‘and they wouldn’t have a clue who I was.’ The actors come from all walks of life: mechanics, doctors, architects, social workers… which helps inform the roles they play. While still green, they are trained in the most progressive techniques including Meisner Technique and Practical Aesthetics.

Act Up! is an open group that includes actors, set designers and writers. The writing group all completed a Masters in Screenwriting and Tony Dunne has set designed for the Olympia Theatre.

Director: Shane Nestor

Cast includes: Eunan McLoughlin, Sharon Walsh and Dan O’Neill with ensemble.

Set Design: Tony Dunne


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