New Music: Guy Pearce Sings! – Broken Bones


Guy Pearce has had an amazing career in the movie industry, with such gems as Priscilla Queen of the Desert, LA Confidential,
and Memento. He has now joined the large number of actors who have crossed over to recording artists, and you can hear the results below. Would he be on this page if he wasn’t who he was? Well, he is who he is, so does that really matter! This is getting far too existential, I’ll let you make up your own mind below. He’s definitely better at the day job.

Renowned actor Guy Pearce has ventured into the world of music, with the release of his first two singles ‘Storm’ and the more recent ‘Taste’ -­‐ a catchy, bass-­‐driven track that will also feature on the artist’s debut album Broken Bones, due for worldwide release in 2015. With its somewhat playful, marching beat and snappy melody, featuring Pearce’s gravelly vocals and layers of harmonies,‘Taste’ is one of the musician’s favourite tracks from his upcoming record.

‘”Taste” digs into that illusive thing we call “identity”, and who we think we are, versus who we actually are – whatever that even means,” he says. “We’re so malleable and contradictory at times, it’s often hard to be objective.”



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