Spectres – Theatre Upstairs – Review


Spectres at Theatre Upstairs –  Written by Finbarr Doyle and Jeda de Bri

An inn, somewhere near the coast, the proprietor Mrs. Rance (Jennifer Laverty) checks her ledger to see who is due to arrive … just two male guests. She is dressed in black with a belt around her waist on which a large ring of keys hangs. The two guests Lynch (Finbarr Doyle) and Jacob (Dave Fleming) arrive ill at ease with themselves. They have something to hide but it is not clear what. They are however boarding a boat in the morning. The conversation does not exactly flow between the three but it is dominated by the innkeeper as she tells her stories. She retires and a certain amount of information emerges as to why the two travellers are ill at ease. Their past deeds haunt them.

The set is suitably gloomy as the inn is dominated by unvarnished wood, upright boards form the back drop, a small brown table and three hard back chairs centre stage with a barrel serving as a sort of a bar at the back left hand side is the only other furniture. The entire setting gives an eerie feeling which complements the story. A small music box which is produced by Jacob epitomises an innocent past. The fourth character is Lily (Clare Harte) whose name and white dress represents an antithesis to the world of Lynch and Jacob and the strange persona of Mrs Rance.

This play represents a darker side of the human condition. It at all times stays in the umbra of the mysterious. There is very little straight talking. Perhaps it remained a little bit too mysterious to convey its message.

Review by Frank L.


Finbarr Doyle as LYNCH

Dave Fleming as JACOB

Jennifer Laverty as MRS. RANCE

Clara Harte as LILY


Director / Jeda de Brí

Set Design / Aoife Fealy

Lighting Design / Eoghan Carrick

Costume Design / Christina Byrne

Visual Design / Ste Murray

DATES: Tuesday, October 28th – Saturday, November 8th

1PM Performances: Tuesday – Saturday (Oct 28th – Nov 1st / November 4th – 8th)

7PM Performances: Thursday – Saturday (Oct 30th – Nov 1st / November 6th – 8th)

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