Halloween 2014 – National Leprechaun Museum – Review


Halloween 2014 at the National Leprechaun Museum.

Entering the National Leprechaun Museum, I really had no idea what to expect. We were ushered into a small waiting room filled with paraphernalia about Leprechauns, which featured images of Darby O’Gill and Lucky Charms breakfast cereal boxes along with some ancient Celtic images. After a brief wait we were taken on a journey through the depths of the museum and told a tale of a young woman who dared to tamper with the spirit world and the dark consequences that occurred.

After meeting a priest in a circular corridor who warns of the evil forces that lurk around us, we meet the main actor of the piece. This is the story of a young woman who was recently married and moved into a house with her husband. She quickly finds out that there is a strange tree on their land near the river, and within this tree lurks members of the spirit world. She sets out to destroy the tree, and in doing so takes on forces that are beyond our comprehension.

The museum is set out as a maze, with a series of rooms that feature unusual architecture and lighting. It is difficult to describe the contents of any of these spaces as we were in near darkness for the majority of the trip. There was a degree of shuffling as you tried to find your way along corridors and though rooms, where characters lurked somewhere in your peripheral vision making strange noises and occasionally grabbing members of the audience.

Along the journey, there are three main actors, a priest, a strange Witch like creature and the young woman. These characters are constantly interacting with the audience members, and it is a show that depends on the crowd embracing and moving along with the story. On the night I saw the piece,  some of the audience were as quick witted as the story tellers. This is not a subtle tale and the actors know how to ham it up in typical horror movie style. It is an enjoyable story of things that go bump in the night, and one of the more unusual events you could visit this Halloween.

For more information about Halloween show at the National Leprechaun Museum click here.

Strictly over 18s – Runs – October 23rd – November 1st


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