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Blonde Redhead – Barragán – Album Review


Blonde Redhead - Barragan

In case you are not aware, Blonde Redhead are a 3 piece from New York. They’ve long since paid their dues, and have been around since ’93 with this new album being their 9th. The last three albums were released by 4Ad, but there seems to have been a parting of the eways, with this album being released via Kobalt. Their 2007 album 23 is something of a lost gem in my mind. One of those albums I still go back to on occasion and am amazed how little attention it received at the time. It was in the odd top 50 albums of the year, but largely went unnoticed.

They are a band that have gone through many different incarnations of sound, and have dabbled in froms as wide as jazz, shoegaze, punk, psychedelic rock and indie pop to name but a few. It is possibly the reason they never broke through to a wider audience, people like to be able to pigeon hole music, to be able to easily categorise a band and define what they do.

The band is made up of Kazu Makino of vocals and guitar and twin brothers Simone and Amedeo Pace (drums/vocals and lead guitar, respectively). They maybe be best know for Kazu’s haunting vocals, her voice is delicate and almost a whisper at times. She does share the duties on this album with Simone and there are a number of instrumental tracks.

This is an album that is strangely undemanding. There are a few tracks where the mood picks up and but generally they are tempered and restrained. There is good variation in the instrumentation, while they are quite muted. It is nice to have an album that doesn’t use the tricks of many others, it’s happy with its place in the cormer. It is the type of album that could fill the chill out rooms at parties, and has been helpimg me on my journey to sleep for the last while. If this sounds to you like faint praise, then maybe it’s not for you. In my book not all music needs to dominate its surroundings, and this is one of those.

Find out more about Blonde Redhead here.


01 Barragán
02 Lady M
03 Dripping
04 Cat on Tin Roof
05 The One I Love
06 No More Honey
07 Mine to Be Had
08 Defeatist Anthem (Harry and I)
09 Penultimo
10 Seven Two



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