James Yorkston & Guests – The Workman’s Club – 20th Sep 2014

James Yorkston
James Yorkston & Guests – The Workman’s Club Dublin Sat 20 Sep 2014

James Yorkston is one of those singers I’ve seen live more times than I care to remember. He visits Dublin about once a year and I’m nearly always there! To hear he’s coming back to Dublin feels like hearing a friend is visiting!

The night is called James Yorkston & Guests, and there’s little doubt the night will include the considerable talents of Adrian Crowley. Tickets are a nice price €10, so not to be missed. James has a new album which is released on August 18th, the details of which are below.

James Yorkston proudly presents: The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society

Release date: August 18th 2014. Produced by Alexis Taylor (Hotchip), featuring Alexis Taylor, KT Tunstall, Pictish Trail, Emma Smith & Jon Thorne, with guests Rob Smoughton & Fimber Bravo.

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