Tiger Dublin Fringe – First Events Announced!


Is it that time of the year? Where do the months go. Yes, the Fringe Festival is back and we’ll have to get used to calling it the Tiger Dublin Fringe from now on, and they’ve themselves a sponsor!

The festival is one of the best of the year, as they let a bunch of crazies loose on the streets of Dublin to see what they can come up with. It’s always fun and left of centre, so well worth exploring. Today they have announced some of the bigger events that will be part of the festival, with gigs such as Jape and DJ Kormac, comedy with Foil, Arms and Hog and also some new theatre and dance. See the details below…

The full festival line up will be announced on July 29th and on sale July 30th.

TIGER DUBLIN FRINGE 2014 – runs City-wide from 5 – 20 September 2014




Spirit of the Fringe and Best Production winners are back with a brand new show that will take you to the root of it all. Devised by some of Ireland’s most innovative theatre artists, and directed by Jose Miguel Jiminez, THE REST IS ACTION re-imagines the cornerstone of Greek tragedy, The Oresteia, in a radical visual feast that will take audiences on an epic journey back to the very origins of performance.

Project Arts Centre / 4 – 13 September / 18:30
Talking Shop Ensemble and Shaun Dunne – ADVOCACY

From the company that brought you the award-winning Death of the Tradesmen, comes their new play about other people’s shoes, policy making, policy taking, participating and walking miles. Inspired by the Social Model of Disability and conceptually exploring Disability Service Provision in Ireland. Advocacy is about respectfully sticking your oar in, speaking up for yourself, sticking up for each other- and the importance of knowing what goes on behind closed doors.

Project Arts Centre / 6 – 13 September 2014 / 21:15

One of Ireland’s most exciting and energetic live acts that blends meticulously crafted lyrics with upbeat electronic rhythms. Using an inventive mix of live instruments, hardware samplers and sequencers, the band create a sound that encompasses many different styles and spans genres, a sort of gothic pop.

Venue: Meeting House Square / Sep 12 / 23:00


DJ Kormac AV Set

Long time festival favourite, local lad, acclaimed producer, band-leader and DJ Kormac will be performing a solo, audio visual set in a brand new show created especially for Tiger Dublin Fringe. His instantly recognisable and idiosyncratic style unleashed as he controls, cuts, scratches and manipulates all sound and visuals using just two turntables. The twisting, morphing and shaping of sounds from other eras forms this new eclectic musicality and the show itself is no run-of-the-mill, chin-stroker but a demented, bouncing, infectious spectacle. Expect to hear cuts from his brand new album due for release September 2014. “It’s absolute carnage” — Kormac

Venue: Meeting House Square / 6 September / 22:00

Philip Connaughton – TARDIGRADE

This is a kaleidoscopic feast of lithe and raucous dance that erupts against a backdrop of a projected forest. It’s Star Wars, cosmology, biology, artificiality, information overload, technology. It’s my dog. It’s you looking at my dog. And the slow walker sees it all. Try to understand it or just join in the madness and enjoy the show. “

Samuel Beckett Theatre / 9 – 13 September / 21:45
Foil Arms and Hog – BEGORRAH

Ireland’s top comedy trio have sold out the Edinburgh Fringe for six consecutive years, have over 4 million hits on YouTube and recently completed a 30 date World tour, culminating in a sell-out show at Dublin’s Vicar Street. Described as “Deliriously funny and at times unexpectedly dark”, their show is a mix of theatre and comedy with wickedly twisted characters, unpredictable scenes and high energy performances.

Smock Alley Theatre / 5 – 7, 9 – 14 September / 21:00

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