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Review: Hollywood Babble On- Vicar Street 28th June 2014


Film director Kevin Smith triumphantly returned to Vicar Street last night after previous trips to Vicar Street with his solo show and with the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast in 2012. This time Smith brought another of his popular podcast’s from his SmodCast Network with old friend Ralph Garmen- Hollywood Babble On. Garmen, who is a radio personality and actor, co-hosts this entertainment podcast regaling the audience with his various celebrity impersonations including Al Pacino, David Bowie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pee Wee Herman, Harrison Ford and Sly Stallone. The audience was treated to a special fleeting appearance from Jay Mewes as he introduced the podcast sponsors.

The podcast follows a set routine with each segment having its own comic jingle. And so the show kicked off with the shout outs and Garmen’s email bag, with audience members writing in for a shout out from the hosts for the special occasions they were celebrating, as two audience members were there for their 1st wedding anniversary,or just to proclaim themselves as the duo’s biggest fans.


In true Irish tradition, audience members made a procession throughout the show with offerings of weed, whiskey, baby Guinness shots, spliffs and even a couple of bags of crisps(?!). At one point when people came up mid show to ask for autographs, Ralph Garmen seemed astounded ,asking them were they really interrupting the show for this, but that didn’t stop them. However the security in Vicar Street certainly slowed them down.


Garmen and Smith discussed all the topical entertainment news stories including Harrison Ford’s injuries from the Star Wars set, which prompted Smith to tell a story about receiving an email from JJ Abrams inviting him for a set visit that was so warm and friendly that even his wife proclaimed that it was sent to him by mistake. Shia LeBoef’s most recent run in with the law was also discussed, alongside Justin Bieber and Lindsay Lohan’s tribulations, both of who have regular slots in the show such is the car crash nature of their lives.

The show rounded up as it always does, with a segment about the size of Liam Neeson’s cock- which, it was stated last night, that the Spire was modelled on. And so concluded a hilarious evening, that both myself and my Kevin Smith loving partner in crime, John, agreed was the best of the three Smith shows we had seen in Vicar Street.

Hollywood Babble On can be listened to weekly on the SmodCast network- downloadable from i-tunes or Stitcher or directly from the SmodCast website.


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  1. I’ve been listening to HBO (and all SModco pods) since Day 1 and I know every beat and jingle of the show off by heart but this was such a brilliant night, I’m still thinking about it today. 10/10

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