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Jimi Goodwin – Whelans – 12-05-14 – Review

Jimi Goodwin plays Whelans

The last time I saw Jimi Goodwin play, I was seated in the second row of the balcony in the Olympia. He looked very small and distant, the figure of a Rock God playing to the adoring masses. Jimi is the guitarist and singer in Doves, the three piece from Cheshire, who are responsible for some iconic indie tracks including ‘Pounding’ and ‘There goes the fear’. They have been on hiatus for the last few years, with no sign of returning. It was a very different experience to see him in Whelans last night, standing about a yard  in front of me. Not so much Rock God but somewhat diminished by the proximity and size of the stage, maybe an Rock Angel, or Cherub!

The new band is a four piece, with Jimi largely playing bass, and occasionally guitar, along with three other members playing lead guitar, keyboards and some impressive drumming. The music isn’t a world away from the Doves, although it doesn’t quite go to the epic scale of Doves’ longer tracks. He doesn’t ignore his past, and there were Doves tracks dotted through the evening, with the Last Broadcast, Snowden, Sulphur Man and Northerden. While they are not the obvious choices out of the Doves’ back catalogue, it’s enough to keep the diehards happy. Out of his new material, Man v Dingo was the one that stuck in my memory, and seemed to have an nice edge of madness. Oh! Whiskey was played twice on the night, the second time as a request, as they’d run out of rehearsed tracks. They’re a new band, after all!

You get is a very different experience in a small club like Whelans, as the walls are removed between band and fans. Jimi certainly seemed a lot happier on the night, and was full of banter with the audience. He told us of his 80’s WWF hair cut, and that the hair at the back of his head seems to grow faster now he’s older, trying to be a mullet! When one of the crowd very kindly presented him with a bottle of whiskey after their single ‘Oh! Whiskey’, he turned gangster style and offered it to the audience. He seems a man that is very much enjoying playing clubs and interacting with the fans.

Whether this new band ends up being something that is done to fill a gap or ends up being his day job, we shall wait and see. The band play enough of the Doves back catalogue to keep Doves fans happy and the new material is impressive. I can’t imagine him staying on the smaller stage for too long, so get to see them while you can!

Support on the night came from the Tea Street Band, a five piece from Liverpool who can fairly belt it out. A nicely layered guitar sound with some synths thrown in for good measure. It’s very good of anyone to travel from Liverpool to play a support spot in Whelans, let alone a five piece, so we tip the hat to them for warming the crowd nicely!

For more information, Jimi Goodwin’s web site is here.

Jimi Goodwin Set List:
Terracotta Warrior
Didsbury Girl
Live Like a River
Oh! Whiskey
Snowden (Doves song)
Keep My Soul in Song
Ghost of the Empties
Man v Dingo
Lost Souls – (Doves song)
Panic Tree
The Last Broadcast – (Doves song)
Lonely at the Drop
The Sulphur Man – (Doves song)
Northernden (Doves Song)
Oh! Whiskey

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  1. Good gig.
    At the end he seemed to give away a bass and a guitar to the front row?!..

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