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OKO – I Love You Computer Moutain – Album Review

OKO - I Love you Computer Moutain

OKO are a four piece featuring guitarist Shane Latimer, keyboardist Darragh O’Kelly, percussionist Shane O’Donovan and turntablist DJackulate. The band initially played together at the Bottlenote Festival in 2010. After this initial collaboration the band played a number of other gigs before recently recording their first album ‘I Love you Computer Mountain’.

The band essentially play jazz music, but the introduction of DJackulate allows them to develop in directions not normally associated with the organic sound of jazz. Their use of keyboards and sampled sounds mean they can create unexpected events in all their songs, keeping the listener on their toes, and wondering about the origin of each and every sound.

Their music is often discordant, with the instruments deliberately played against each other. The tracks develop slowly with the instruments battling with each other, until some fusion occurs between them, and they hold together in coherent form before it all slips apart again as easily as it started. You are made to wait for them to ease into their grooves, and they are all the more rewarding for these long and subtle introductions.

OKO are one of those bands that don’t fit easily into any pigeon hole. It’s hard to describe their music, as there are a number of oddities about them that make them difficult to categorise. That’s a good thing though, it’s always nice to hear something that you’d describe as genuinely inventive and many risks are taken in this diverse and interesting album.

OKO – I Love you Computer Mountain is available on Diatribe Records

1. Shoehorns & Axelgrease 09:03
2. Totes Awky Momo 02:51
3. Under Over 07:17
4. Cell Cell Cell 02:41
5. Axelgrease 01:43
6. What’s the Concept 04:17
7. Oblong 05:30
8. Magnet Paste 05:04
9. Unbelievable Sushi 04:08

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