Americanitis – The Seagull and other birds – Pan Pan – Public Rehearsal

Pan Pan - Americanitis

The wonderful Pan Pan theatre company have thrown open their doors (until May 9th), so you can see what they get up to in the creative process for their latest work ‘Americanitis – The Seagull and other birds’.

Be part of the audience at our public rehearsals. Email Aoife at if you would like to see how Pan Pan makes work.

For the next five weeks (7 April – 9 May) our rehearsals are open to the public and we need you to help us change the way we make theatre. Let’s see what happens when the creative process becomes public. From 11.30 am every day you can call in and observe how we create a show, how we have developed our unique and acclaimed style, and how the creative relationship between idea, actor and director is developed and maintained.

AMERICANITIS – this is theatre by the people, for the people and with the people!

The performance centres around a concise new version of The Seagull integrated with a number of new works that we have specially commissioned. We are delighted to be working again with long time Pan Pan collaborators (Andrew Bennett, Gina Moxley & Daniel Reardon) alongside some exciting new performers (Dick Walsh, Annabell Rickerby, Samantha Pearl & Kyle Hixon).

For further information on attending the rehearsals contact Aoife White: or 01 6334493

Video by Ross Kavanagh below.

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