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D.F.F. – Button Factory – 12-04-14 – Review

Vyvienne Long - D.F.F. Dublin

D.F.F. played in the Button Factory last night to launch their new album ‘Pouric Songs’. DFF are a ‘supergroup’ including the talents of Dave Flynn, Vyvienne Long, Niwel Tsumbu, Dan Bodwell, Aidan Dunphy, Cion O’Callaghan and Ciarán Swift.The band is fronted by Dave Flynn who plays guitar and vocals, with Vyvienne Long on Cello and vocals, and lead guitar from Niwel Tsumbu. They have a very impressive rhythm section; with Dan Bodwell on Double Bass, Ciarán Swift on Rhythm guitar and two percussionists Aidan Dunphy and Cion O’Callaghan. Michelle Owens joined the band on stage playing a variety of instruments and also acted as the support act on the night. The album features the lyrics of Pádraic Ó’Beirn, and that is where the name of the album came from.

There was an unusual mix of sounds at the concert last night, as the band showed off their various talents. They moved through African sounds, to pop and funk, and most genres in between. The one constant on all tracks is the impressive rhythm section that drives the tunes on. Despite the bands best efforts, early in the night the small crowd were resisting their attempts to get people up and dancing, and remained suction cupped to their chairs but later in the night the beat or alcohol had driven many to their feet to fill the space in front of the stage.

The band covered much ground and featured tracks such as ‘Beautiful Freaks like us’, ‘Quartz’, ‘Harvest Do’ and ‘Mad for you’, along with the majority of the new album. It’s an interesting and diverse sound they create, that has a mesmeric quality. Their songs slowly build and create grooves that you don’t want to stop! Check them out on the links below.

You can find out more about the band on their web site here.

Their new album is streaming exclusively on the Irish Times Website here.

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