Woman Stood Regardless – Project Arts Centre – Review


Woman Stood Regardless – Review by Joseph Kearney

Dance, contemporary, explorative, figurative dance, that’s the measure of the show tonight at The Project Arts centre; doors at 8. The piece was incepted in the Kingdom, my homeland, the county of Kerry and has premiered in the Capital on the main stage at the Project. The piece opens with darkness and a half light, four women placed or torn onto the stage like wounded warriors.

While much of the dancing is symmetrical and all four women moving as one, the lady in the red dress kept catching my eye. Dancers scoop each other up and pour each other out, bodies writhe and wriggle. The battle of the sexes, women dominated by other women, tender affection, learning difficulties, abuse, control, sitting on someone else for support or destruction, the use of body language is powerful. A repeated movement, an inescapable tick, a shaking hand, a knocking head all convey the frustration of being trapped, perhaps within your body, or your life; perhaps both.

The show flows seamlessly from loud chaotic industrial music to silent movement and back again. A rhythm all the while gathering pace to a crescendo, dancers enter, leave, re-enter with a new energy, status shoots up and dips right back down. It is as if the animals are running the Zoo. This piece is hard hitting, strong and has a powerful image to impart.

I am a not usually a huge fan of dance myself, especially modern explorative but Cois Ceim’s Agnes and now Catherine Young Dance are forcing me to reconsider my position on an art form I previously thought had escaped me, it has now engulfed me.

Go and see it for the beauty and the pain.

Woman Stood Regardless runs at the Project Arts Centre until April 5th.

To find out more about the making of the show, check out Catherine’s blog –

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