Little Thing, Big Thing – Civic Theatre – Review

Little Thing, Big Thing, Civic Theatre

An unlikely couple face the challenge of getting to Dublin with a roll of film. A Nun who has recently returned from Nigeria and a ex-con recently released from Mountjoy are thrown together and encounter many odd ball characters in their attempts to travel from a convent in Mayo to Dublin to meet a man who holds the key to the mystery.

This is an enjoyable fast paced play that never lets you catch your breath. This show has some similarities in style to Stones in his Pockets currently running in the Gaiety, the famous two hander where the actors play a variety of parts. O’Kelly and Fox play many roles during the 80 minutes of the play, changing from robbers, hippies, hit men, solicitors, talking statues, Gardai and junkies, changing between each in the blink of an eye.  At times, the play is almost too fast paced for its own good, and the audience is left struggling to keep up with the variety of changes between characters and settings. Writer and Actor Donal O’Kelly has another pop at the Corrib gas line, as the bad guys in this piece are involved in a drilling operation in Mayo. The writing is impressive in this new work and there are many great comedic moments contained within.

The set is an unusual mix of oil barrels and some steel mesh panelling, with a couple of chairs in the centre of the space. The convents, roads of Mayo and streets of Dublin are all created by the actors with a few words of narration. The lighting is impressive, with strong spot lights from above and to the sides, altered to create the different moods required.

There are some great characters in the mix, with the Dublin junkie living long in the mind. It’s far fetched and fun, played at a lightning pace and doesn’t worry too much about the details. If you’re looking for a delicately played thriller, look elsewhere, but if it’s light hearted fun with a touch of madness you’re after, it’s here in spades.

Presented by Fishamble: The New Play Company

Written by Donal O’Kelly
Directed by Jim Culleton
Cast Sorcha Fox and Donal O’Kelly
Set & Lighting designer John Comiskey
Sound designer Carl Kennedy
Costume designer Maria Tapper
Producer Marketa Dowling
Dramaturg Gavin Kostick

Cast: Sorcha Fox and Donal O’Kelly

Little Thing, Big Thing runs at the Civic Theatre until March 29th.

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