TV Preview- Moone Boy, Doll and Em, Synecdoche, New York

The second season of Moone Boy arrives on our screens on Monday evening at 9pm on Sky 1. I often wonder if RTE ever have a slight twinge of regret as award winning comedies with Irish actors, filmed in Ireland are consistently successes made by British channels. But then again maybe they have better things to be doing with the television license money? Moone Boy opens on that great summer,that will stick in our honey glowed memory, of Italia 90. Martin is disgusted as his family holiday to Donegal is coinciding with the historic event of Ireland actually sending a team to the World Cup. The family caught up in football fever are only convinced to go with the promise of finding Packie Bonner’s house. Jonnie Vegas gives a star turn as the imaginary friend turned Doc Brown. Season 2 promises to be a walk down memory lane for anyone who graced the darkened doorways of the LG’s in the 90’s with series creator Chris O’Dowd and cast regulars Peter McDonald and Norma Sheehan being joined by Amy Huberman.


Doll and Em starts on Sky Living on Tuesday at 10pm. Emily Mortimer plays a fictionalized version of herself with real life BFF Dolly Wells in the tale of an actor who invites her best mate to be her personal assistant in Hollywood. UK’s Independent newspaper declared the series to be “comedy gold” so I imagine it’s well worth catching.


It was very shocking news when the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman was announced and one of his definitive performances is being shown on BBC 2 on Friday night as tribute to him. Synecdoche, New York (11.05pm), written and directed by Charlie Kaufman (writer of Workhorse’s favorite break up movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), tells the tale of a theatre director (Hoffman) who is struggling with his work and his relationships. He wins a grant and buys a gigantic warehouse where he builds a life size replica of New York and sets about reconstructing his life and art and life gradually merge.



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