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Marissa Nadler – July – Album Review


Seeing Marissa Nadler live experience is an unusual experience. She cuts an interesting figure onstage, and you feel she is never quite at ease with the audience.  In some ways she lives in fear of them, as if they are from another place. She is often thrown in with the indie/ alternative scene, but really her music comes from somewhere else. It really could be from any time, and is quite ethereal, other worldly and always delicate and frail.

Her music is all about her voice, which is a beautiful instrument, with depth and range. It is layered and textured in this album to create a deep and resonant sound. There is almost always a background of plucked acoustic guitar with a variety of organs, pedal steel guitar and electronics filling up the space for an impressively large sound.

‘Still remember all the words to every song you ever heard, drive’ – Drive

There are many easy comparisons to her music, in the Cowboy Junkies or Lana Del Rey, and her voice stands comparison with any of these. This album is a step forward for Marissa, as she continues to develop her sound, and is an album that will envelop you, filling your senses and creating the soft ground and warm air of the month it is named after.

‘All the years that I held you close, it should have been anyone else, I know’. – Anyone Else.

Marissa Nadler’s new album, July, comes out Feb. 4. You can hear it in full here.

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