Temple Bar TradFest 2014 – Preview


It’s a quiet time of year when footsteps echo on many an empty street but not so on the cobbles of Temple Bar next week. That’s because Temple Bar TradFest 2014 kicks off on Jan 22nd five days. Belying its name the festival doesn’t confine itself to the traditional, but encompasses a broad range of music genres including folk, bluegrass, choralmusic and even a Latvian cello band that defy a category.

Musical highlights include the foursome that are We Banjo 3, the eclectic eleven that form Bellowhead or a chance to see the one and only Frances Black or Paul Brady or John Sheahan from the Dubliners. We’re spoiled with so many great Irish folk and trad musicians who are often more revered abroad than appreciated at home. This festival is a great opportunity to hear some ionic names perform on home soil in intimate venues. These names include Altan, Eleanor McEvoy, De Dannan, Johnny Duhan and John Sheehan of The Dubliners. The festival’s range of musical venues will delight as much as the performers and the doors are thrown open to some beautiful old churches around the city centre including St Michan’s Church, St Werburgh’s Church and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

The more intimate music trail will lead you on the evening of January 22nd to some of Dublin’s renowned drinking establishments. In pubs such as The Palace Bar you can catch a free session from the likes of The Fureys, Dublin City Ramblers or Bagetelle. Grab your bar stool early to squeeze inside! Other free and family friendly events take place on the streets of Temple Bar all day on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th stage on Crown Alley.

The festival schedule is jam-packed and there’s far too much happening to summarize in this snippet. Check it out for yourself on www.templebartrad.com.

Preview by Helen O’Leary


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