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Deltron 3030 – Button Factory – Gig Review


What’s the hardest thing for a band to do? To get a crowd jumping on a Sunday night. Well Deltron 3030 achieved that in spades, and even the support act had the crowd down on their knees!

Kid Koala played support on the night with a show of his amazing skills on the turntable. He is the answer to the argument that anyone can be a DJ, as they just play records! His hands move at dazzling speeds to create a subtlety of sound that is hugely impressive and he’s a lovely guy also. He talked about his sassy 5-year-old daughter, who told him she didn’t like 95% of his repertoire! A harsh critic, but her reason sounded valid enough, as she said she couldn’t dance to them. He played many crowd pleasers including the Beasite Boys and Moon River (his Mom’s favourite song!).

Deltron took to the stage shortly after, to the noise of a tennis commentary, the score ending at 30-30 which was also their opening track. The band were a six piece on the night, and featured the usual front three of Dan the Automator, Del the Funky Homosapien and Kid Koala, but also guitar, bass and drums. It’s great to get live percussion behind a hip hop sound and really added to the experience.

Del the Funky Homosapien is a natural front man, and he danced his way through the evening, throwing shapes and occasionally drinking Guinness! Dan the Automator also took the mike on occasion, but in truth it was mostly Del that took the limelight. The last song from the set was ‘ Memory Loss’ – ‘You try to get over, you gonna go under’.

The two song encore started with ‘Do you remember’ featuring Jamie Cullen, a bouncing number that eases along nicely. They ended the night with a Gorillaz song, ‘Clint Eastwood’ which may have featured as many people’s introduction to Del, and is the perfect sing along end to a good night of hip hop tunes.



Things You Can Do

Positive Contact


The Return

Nobody Can


Melding of the Minds

The Agony

(Kid Koala Solo)


My Only Love

Memory Loss


Do You Remember – (with Jamie Cullum)

Clint Eastwood – (Gorillaz cover)

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