Free Asthmatic Kitty Digital Sampler – Sufjan Stevens and More…

coughing cat

‘Tis the season. Expect lots of freebies over the next few weeks, as lots of record companies want to share the love with you. Why reject it? Let Love in, as the bold Nick Cave is know to say.

This sampler has a few of the Kittens big names, such as Sufjan Stevens and Denison Witner, and a few names who could be the stars of tomorrow.

1. Shannon Stephens – World In My Eyes 04:15

2. Chris Schlarb – Solo In Place 03:59

3. Lily & Madeleine – Devil We Know 03:34

4. Sufjan Stevens – Christmas Woman 05:33

5. Fol Chen – Doubles 02:56

6. Helado Negro – We Will You 06:12

7. Land of a Thousand Rappers – I Am the Queen 06:18

8. Lily & Madeleine – Nothing But Time 02:44

9. Denison Witmer – Right Behind You (Acoustic) 03:36

10. Land of a Thousand Rappers – Pure Water Displacement 02:45

11. Helado Negro – Enters 03:54

12. Chris Schlarb – NO TSURAI 10:10

13. Linda Perhacs – Freely 03:33

14. Sufjan Stevens – The Sleigh In The Moon (Featuring Cat Martino) 01:4

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