New Movie Releases – 29-11-13


Is Saving Mr Banks the movie that Mr. Hanks will win another Oscar for? Seriously, doesn’t he have enough already, shouldn’t they share them around? They only ever seem to give them to himself or Daniel Day. Anyway, it’s a death match between Walt Disney and Mary Poppins in this film, that gets positive reviews in most places. Emma Thompson stars as the writer of Mary Poppins, who doesn’t like movies and especially musicals (I’m with her on that part). Tom Hanks stars as Walt, who wants to change her mind.

Only the French could make a movie like Jeune et Jolie (Young & Beautiful). The story of an industrious and beautiful young woman who has an unusual part time job, just to earn a little extra cash for the weekend. The reviews are pretty impressive once more.

The trailer for Leviathan, it’s pretty dazzling. No really, check it out below. It’s a documentary on one of the largest fishing ports in the US. The cinematography looks dazzling, and it’s actually the best reviewed movie of the week. 

Free Birds – For the only review that matters, go here. The other reviews, well, not so good, but it’s not meant for grown ups, so it really doesn’t matter what we think!

Yes, it’s the end bit, the movie I’m trying to ignore. The Best Man Holiday is the story of college friends reuniting after 15 years at the Christmas holiday.. blah, blah, blah. Ok, it’s just not meant for me, I don’t fall within the demographic that this movie was aimed at, but it does look terrible.

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