Alternative Christmas Party – Inni-K to play your house?


This sounds like a Christmas party that would not be forgotten. Inni-K is at it again, and if you want her to play at your house, just e-mail her at the address below.

You can also see an ‘as Gaeilge’ version of ‘find a beat’, which I’m sure gets 10% extra enjoyment (bad leaving cert joke). If you haven’t already, please check out her Fund It campaign here 15 days to go!

Inni-K, the multi-instrumentalist indie-folk singer songwriter, is offering a refreshing alternative for your home or corporate Christmas event this season.

Inni-K, who played a series of house concerts through terraced houses and city apartments in Ireland and Berlin last summer (and who recently played to a packed out Dublin’s Unitarian Church) is providing you with the easiest chance you’ll get to show off with an impressive, bespoke Christmas party gig in your very own home or workplace.

The multi-instrumentalist will play a full concert of her own sparkly compositions along with some Christmas gems. All you need to supply are just 2 square metres of floor space and a minimum of 20 people in the seasonal mood! Inni-K will take care of the rest! A perfect alternative Christmas party! Get in touch now to organise at as soon as you can. No bookings after 13 Dec.

This offer runs alongside Inni-K’s fundit campaign to raise support for the recording of her new album.

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