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All Tomorrow’s Parties – End of an Era Part 1 – Saturday Review

Tim Harrington with Bra

Waking early on Saturday, Pontins looked an unusual sight. Hipsters are creatures of the night for the most part, and seeing them dashing around or deciding which brand of granola to buy, they look a little out of place. There was only a few short hours to wander the streets of Camber before the music started again, and Saturday was one heck of a line up.

The only problem with Saturday was that the line up was too good. A number of tough choices had to be made, whether to see Thurston Moore in Porn versus Les Savy Fav being one of the most difficult, but there was more than one. It’s a pity they couldn’t sprinkle a bit of Saturday on the other two days of the festival, as it was by far the best, but I’m sure they had their reasons.

Tortoise were on bizarrely early at 2.30 pm, but it was great to hear them after what has been many years for me. They’re amazing musicians and there is always something special about the twin drum kit line up (I’m talking about you Caribou!). Thurston Moore’s new project Chelsea Light Moving were next up, and he still has it. They pick up nicely from where Sonic Youth left off, and it was an enjoyable set.

The next band I saw were my undoubted high light of the weekend; Les Savy Fav with lead singer Tim Harrington dominating proceedings and working the crowd to near frenzy. He’s an amazing front man, and his antics on stage are constantly entertaining and exciting. You’re always watching for what he’ll do next, or where he’ll end up. He looks more suited to a wrestling ring than the stage, but we won’t complain. Godspeed You! black Emperor were the next up and many flaked out on the ground of the venue to listen to their waves of sound. Their visuals were a little lost on the small Pontin’s stage, but the music was top notch.

A perfect end to the day was Dinosaur Jr. banging it out and making the years fade away. It’s great to see Lou Barlow on stage again, but you can’t help but feel he should be back doing his Sebadoh thing. Still, J Mascis and Lou on stage together is quite electric. Sunday was very low key end to the festival and the end of ATP weekend events in England, but wait… there is hope!

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