Beyond the Brooklyn Sky – Civic Theatre – Review


This is the story of a small fishing village in Kerry and its inhabitants. 20 years ago a bunch of young friends travelled to Brooklyn to work illegally. It was a special time in their lives and is remembered fondly by all, but there are parts of their past that still haunt them. Decisions were made that they all regret, and still affect them today.

Greg has returned home for the first time in twenty years. He’s been living and working as a musician in Norway after leaving America. He encounters his friends, those that have returned to live in Ireland and one that has just finished a dare devil stunt. Jack has completed a transatlantic flight in a single engine plane, and there are festivities in his honour. Brendy plans to complete a similar trip in a small boat, which many of the others think is madness, as it will take three months to complete, alone at sea.

This is a collection of stories about the lives of the various inhabitants. While it does focus on a failed love affair between two of the characters, the back stories of all those on stage are developed and their own issues explained. It is unusual to have as many characters, and all of them of interest. You feel you know each of them by the end of the play. The ensemble cast are of various abilities, but Sorcha Fox as Mags and Roseanna Purcell as Shannon stand out.

Beyond the Brooklyn Sky is writer Michael Hilliard Mulcahy’s first play. It’s a fact that’s pretty hard to appreciate, as it is remarkably well thought out and structured. It’s great to have a new voice of merit on the Irish theatre scene, and he is certainly someone who is worth watching with interest.

Beyond the Brooklyn Sky is at the Civic Theatre until November 23rd, with tickets from €16.

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