TV Preview – Borgen, Witches Of East End…


Borgen returns this week to BBC4 (Saturday 9pm) hopefully heralding the restoration of good Scandinavian/ subtitled tv on our screens in this darkest of seasons.

This is the third and final season of the Danish political drama and begins two and a half years after Birgitte Nyborg left politics after calling a general election which ended her career. She now works in the corporate world but when her Moderate political party take a major step to the right, she decides she wants to get back into the political game. Tonight’s season opener is a double bill and its great to see a return of a drama with a great strong female lead that the Scandinavians do so well (See also: The Killing, The Bridge).

A new channel popped up at the beginning of last week on the Sky box. Lifetime is on channel 156 and seems to be made up entirely of reality TV, made for TV movies and a fantastically kitsch series called Witches of East End. It also has an interview series called The Conversation (Sunday 8pm) which is presented by Amanda de Cadenet, my mortal nemesis since she married John Taylor in 1991. It is a passion project for de Cadenet, who hosted The Word and The Big Breakfast many moons ago, as it comes across as a casual conversation between friends filmed in the sitting room of de Cadenet’s house. Guests are all women, high profile A-listers or women of interest and the informal setting lends itself to a more intimate interview where topics range from politics, sexuality, ageing, addiction and career.

Finally I know I’ve covered it before but its not too late to start watching American Horror Story: Coven on Fox as Jessica Lange is acting up a storm. And who’d want to miss Stevie Nicks turn as a white witch later in the season?


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