Why Not? Adventure Film Festival


Why Not? Adventure Film Festival takes place in the Sugar Club this Saturday before making its way to Castlebar and Galway. It’s an unusual topic for a Film Festival, but looks like something worth checking out.

It’s a full day of events, with three separate screenings and then an after show party, so something for everyone! Tickets can be bought here, and you can buy them for one event or for the full day. Not to shabby.

Check out the details below…

 This year at WNAFF we’re bringing you world class, award winning adventure films, exciting short films from Ireland and across the globe and a unique and innovative music and movie experience.

We have several Irish premieres. McConkey and Arrival being two of the big hitters. Plus 20 shortlisted short films from around the world in competition for the festival judges Best Short Film Award!

We’ve also partnered up with the Headphone Disco Ireland crew to offer you a unique cinema experience. Loads of surprises can be expected throughout the day.


– Screening 1:


Enjoy our official selected film shorts.

3.00 PM – JUDGE & JURY. Special screenings were audience vote decides which film screens.

Choose a feature film from the official selection when you buy your ticket online and discover if the rest of the audience voted for the same film. The catch? You don’t find out which film is screening until you’re sitting in your seat!!

– Screening 2:


Enjoy our official selected Shorts


ARRIVAL, the latest mountain biking movie from SecondBase, dubbed a “cycling actu-montary” will screen in Ireland for the first time. And only in Dublin. It will bring you into the reality of a new generation of free riders and racers. Don’t miss it.

– Screening 3:


Enjoy our official Selected Short Movies

6.15 PM – MOVIE & MUSIC EXPERIENCE – ‘Choose Your Own Soundtrack’

Swap between several tracks during the movie using specially designed headphones.

6.30 PM – Mc CONKEY (Irish Premiere)

Fly over the slopes with McCONKEY, official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival 2013 [Irish premiere]. A thrilling documentary starring Shane McConkey, a freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping pioneer.

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