New Music: Hellfyre Club – Dorner vs. Tookie

Hellfyre Club Dorner vs Tookie

This is one of the best mix tapes I’ve come across in recent times, and available at ‘name your price’ to download below, you really can’t complain! It’s a good taster of all that is going on with the Hellfyre club. See what you think below.

There’s lots more to explore on Hellfyre Club’s band camp site here.

While keeping pockets of the internet abuzz with their individual endeavours all through 2013, this is the first project that this line-up works on together with solo and collaborative songs from primary members of HFC, Busdriver, Nocando, Open Mike Eagle, milo and more.

Since releasing Hellfyre cult favourites like Flash Bang Grenada’s “10 Haters”, Open Mike Eagle’s “Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes”, milo’s “things that happen at day//things that happen at night” and “Cavalcade”, Hellfyre has been cementing itself as formidable force in the indie rap world. The forward thinking bass music sounds of Low End Theory (Nocando being the host of the weekly show) are a large component of HFC’s sound as is the Project Blowed backround that most of the rappers share.

Dorner Vs. Tookie is meant to act like as a pre-cursor to upcoming solo efforts from everyone in Hellfyre and a benchmark in their ever-evolving sound. With a handful shows from Busdriver with CocoRosie and Kool A.D. already under their belts, we’ll have to wait until spring of 2014 for a proper Hellfyre Club tour.

‘Elephant in the Pressroom’ featuring Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle & Jeremiah Jae premiered over at


1. Bounce in the Trap – Taurus Scott

2. DVT – Open Mike Eagle, VerBS, Nocando, Kail, Busdriver and Rheteric Ramirez /prod. by co.fee

3. Degrasse Picture Day (Hellfyre Jackets) – Open Mike Eagle and Busdriver /prod. by Kuest1

4. Fabian Cortez – Rheteric Ramirez and Nocando /prod. by Unduextrois

5. Qualifiers – Open Mike Eagle /prod. by Taco Neck

6. Pet Alligators – Flash Bang Grenada (Busdriver + Nocando) /prod. by Kenny Segal

7. Ecclesiastes – milo /prod. by Riley Lake

8. Apologies – Open Mike Eagle /prod. by Unduextrois

9. All Pastel Everything – Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle and milo /prod. by Busdriver

10. We On – Kail /prod. by Taurus Scott

11. Give A Fuck – Nocando /prod. by Sango 3:14

12. Snake Lake Remix – Busdriver and milo /music by Busdriver and Terra Melos

13. Fck the Nightstalker – Rheteric /prod. by Brand D(dirtRAID)

14. Barbs over Breakfast Scones – Busdriver

15. Manchester – milo, Busdriver and Nocando /prod. by Super

16. elephant in the pressroom (bonus) – Busdriver and Open Mike Eagle featuring Jeremiah Jae /prod. by Jeremiah Jae

17. Big Business (bonus) – The Kleenrz (Kenny Segal + Self-Jupiter)

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