Mogwai for Other Voices – Dingle


These guys keep pulling out the surprises, with the first of the artists announced for Dingle, December 6th – 8th. The three artists announced are David Gray, Lisa O’Neill and… Mogwai! I wonder how Post Rock will go down with the locals in Dingle? I’m sure they’ll love it. Details from the press release below…

For it’s twelfth season 2013/2014, Other Voices will once again weave it’s magic spell in Dingle. Voices and spirits will be raised in St. James’ Church and right around the alluring town on December 6th, 7th & 8th. Aidan Gillen will return to present the series.

The first three acts to be revealed are multi-million selling artist David Gray, Scottish post-rock band Mogwai and Irish newcomer, with a truly original voice, Lisa O’ Neill.

Philip King notes “It’s great to be back, Other Voices hits the even dozen and what a trip it’s been. We have photographed, recorded and archived the soundtrack of one of the country’s most turbulent decades with some of Ireland’s and the world’s greatest artists. Their commitment, creativity and volunteerism have given us great hope for the future and the energy to continue on down the road on this expedition”.

After a successful process last year, RTÉ and Other Voices will again give music fans the opportunity to select the artist for the final IMRO Other Room slot. From Monday November 11th, RTÉ and Other Voices invite artists of all genres to submit a YouTube link to one video (it can be a video or a still image with audio) or link to audio only recording for consideration. These links should be submitted through the application process on http://www.othervoices.ie <http://www.othervoices.ie&gt; . Artists will have until Wednesday November 20th to submit their link.

For information and full submission details for the ‘Viewer’s Choice IMRO Other Room’ initiative, please go to www.othervoices.ie

Tickets, once again, will be free and can be won through various online and media competitions so keep an eye on the brand new website http://www.othervoices.ie. Information on artists and events will be released shortly. To stay up to date with announcements please log on to http://www.othervoices.ie and follow on Facebook (Other Voices) and Twitter (@othervoices).

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