David Gray plays somewhere, sometime…

05_Flatbed_2 - SEPTEMBER

Yes, that’s right, David Gray is playing somewhere in Ireland in early December. I know this sounds like I haven’t exactly done the research necessary, but there’s a reason, even David doesn’t know where he’s playing, except it’ll be a small venue somewhere in Ireland and the tickets are €34. There will be a number of gigs around Ireland, and they’ll take place between December 2nd and 11th, and even better than that, you get to vote where!

Right now, the venues are unknown but David is inviting fans to pick the counties where he will play. To be in with a chance of seeing David on this tour, register your interest at On Nov 18th the routing will be decided and names will be selected randomly from the list for each location.

Those selected will be sent a link to purchase tickets priced at €34 each. This process will be the only way to get tickets for the shows so if you’ll be travelling to see David don’t make any arrangements until you have received a link confirming you have tickets.

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