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Movie Review – In a World


Lake Bell – what a name, what a gal! The Actor slash Writer slash Director has penned the quirky, funny and touching ‘In a World’, a tribute to and comedy about the voiceover world (‘VO’) in Hollywood. Here, there are awards ceremonies for this vital but often over-looked part of the movie business – the title refers to the booming voice that started many a Trailer. You know the type; ‘In a World where Evil Reigns and the Good are scared, there comes a Superhero who can save Humanity’ etc

The plot is part Woody Allen, part ‘Juno’ – a struggling VO Actor (Bell) lands a shot at a big gig at the expense of her Father, also in the business, and a temporary lover. She’s an accidental success, however; the scheming is done by her rivals. Throw in a sub-plot about her married sister falling for a smooth Irish guy who Bell wants to tape for his voice, played with great aplomb by Jason O’Mara, whom this reviewer knew as a toddler, and you have the makings for a nice minor hit. Some excellent performers make the script shine: Fred Melamed as Lake’s vain father, on his own journey, is superb as is Demetri Martin (whom some of you hipsters may know from the ‘Daily Show’) as Lake’s geeky producer and admirer. Kudos to Bell’s sister, played by Michaela Watkins, who does a break up scene that would move a heart of stone.

There’s a real skill in not making a movie that’s fundamentally about love and reconciliation too mawkish and Bell just pulls this off. The sharp dialogue makes for a smart movie and while there’s some zinger lines, the laughs are usually more subtle and nuanced – there are a couple of great ‘popcorn snorter’ jokes as well. Lake Bell is one to watch.

By Dan O’Neill – Dan writes on TV at and on Politics at

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