Dublin Theatre Festival Highlights – Preview and Tips

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What is starts today? Honest? Yes, after many months of expectation, the Theatre Festival is finally upon us! So, if you’re in a state of panic and completely disorganised, here’s what we think is worth a visit?

Of the Irish ones, I’d recommend:

The Critic – Rough Magic’s latest production sounds like a departure for them, as it starts at the culture box in temple bar and ends at the Ark. Let the actors guide you through the streets of Dublin, in “Sheridan’s sparkling exposé of the follies and joys of making theatre”.

Desire under the Elms – Corn Exchange are always reliable to come up with something different, so their production of the Eugene O’Neill play is one to watch.

Three Penny Opera – Wayne Jordan directs this play by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill, “Brecht’s sardonic tale of beggars, thieves and prostitutes is a fierce social and political critique”.

Riverrun – A solo show with Olwen Fouéré based on James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake, this production has already been seen in Galway and Kilkenny art festivals, and from those I’ve spoken to, it’s not to be missed.

Out of the International events, well, it gets a little bit more difficult.

Germinal – Project Arts Centre – Sept 26th to 28th – The people I’ve spoken to, who are ‘in the know’ have all mentioned this one as not to be missed. It’s a French production, with English subtitles, in which “four performers draw from sources as diverse as philosophy, strategy video games and the films of Jacques Demy to conjure a universe in a black box”.

The Events – Peacock Theatre – Oct 1st to 5th – The main reason you should get to this one is the writer and director, David Greig.  David is a Scottish playwright and director, and always tries to do something different. This play questions “just how far forgiveness will stretch in the wake of tragedy” and features a booming soundtrack. Sadly, there’s returns only at this stage.

Neutral Hero – Projcet Arts Centre – Oct 9th to 12th – The New York Times listed this one as one of the top ten shows of 2012. “Richard Maxwell has assembled twelve characters to tell a story of epic ordinariness concerning a young man searching for his father in the wide open landscape of the American Midwest.”

Three fingers below the knee – Project Arts Centre Cube – Oct 2nd to 5th – A plays on the topic of censorship by Mundo Perfeito. “This Three fingers below the knee exposes the oppression of artistic and political freedom felt in Portugal during the 48-year dictatorship that governed the country”.

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