Maeve Higgins – Moving City – Smock Alley – Dublin Fringe Festival – Review


What is the truth about why Maeve left Dublin, Is it because Ryan Tubridy blanked her in the IFI? Or is it simply that she had slept with all the men of Dublin, and had to move on? For answers to all these questions and others, there’s only one place to be, the Fringe in Smock Alley. The main question on people’s lips though is if there is any truth to the existence of the Maeve Higgins/ Michael Fassbender sex tape. Maeve admits that it does exist, but says she doesn’t want to become famous for that reason.

The show starts with an apology, as one of the Fringe volunteers comes on stage to say that Maeve hasn’t made it to the venue yet, and due to the tight fringe schedule and another show starting straight away after, that the show will have to start without her. When Maeve does arrive, she has been having Dublin Bike issues, as all the stands she visited had been full, and she ended up having to take it to the venue with her! We’ve all been there.

This show has a number of big laughs along the way, and a number of segments that are quite rambling, but this is all part of Maeve’s typical show. We are brought through Maeve’s version of the history of emigration in Ireland and also how she has adjusted to life in her new environment. The final sequence is Maeve at her best, as she takes to the crowd to ‘read’ them, telling stories about their lives by simply touching them with her white gloved hands. You either get Meave Higgins or you don’t, the long pauses that the audience fills with nervous giggling, and her own view of the world that is filled with wild exaggeration and crushing admissions of failure in equal measure. The audience in Smock Alley last night loved every moment.

The Michael Fassbender/ Maeve Higgins sex tape is available here.

Maeve Higgins – Moving On – Runs at Smock Alley until Saturday the 21st of September, as part of the Fringe Festival

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