Amanda Coogan – 13 Women – Hugh Lane

Anu 13 women

Amanda Coogan is possibly Ireland’s best known performance artist, and her work is always interesting. When you combine her with the wonderful Anu productions, what do you get? Find out tomorrow.

The following just appeared on Anu’s Facebook page:

We are over the moon to be able to announce the following as part of Thirteen:


A twelve-hour live performance by Amanda Coogan at The Hugh Lane Gallery, curated by Michael Dempsey.

10am – 10pm, 20th September 2013.

13 WOMEN, a new live performance from Coogan in collaboration with thirteen performers, explores the Church Street disaster of 1913 and its parallel with contemporary Irish society. The Irish Independent’s newpaper headline of 17 September 1913; ‘And they still think of Art Galleries!’ locates this exploration particularly in the Hugh Lane and the controversial establishment of the Dublin City Gallery.

13 Women will form part of ANU production’s THIRTEEN which presents a series of cluster works in site specific locations around Dublin exploring the 1913 Lockout from this contemporary vantage point.

— at Hugh Lane Gallery


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